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Introducing: Dedicated Shop

Over the last year our focus has been on giving DPG users extra value from their accounts. With live events and tours postponed or cancelled, we know that prints and other product sales are more important to you than ever. So we started from scratch to make Dedicated Shop

Our first ever template designed especially for shops. 

Until now, DPG sales features have been architected to complement other website templates - primarily galleries and portfolios. With the release of Dedicated Shop we’re bringing those features to the forefront so you can easily create incredibly powerful standalone shop websites.

The beautifully designed template comes with multiple distinctive views, presets and layout styles to make it easy to get started. Rich customisation options allow you to dive in and personalise it completely, without any coding needed. 

The template has a professional cart and full checkout system to handle customer orders. It integrates with the leading payment service providers Stripe and PayPal to securely collect customer payments. 

Once you’ve created and customised your site, adding new products is as simple as creating a set and attaching a product. You don’t have to worry about the layout or the the design each time you want to update your product lineup.

While a lot of our work revolved around the design of the template, we also revamped DPG’s backend sales functionality. We added product variations to allow you to sell different sizes, colours or any other variants of your products, and inventory tracking to keep track of your stock. Full support for shipping and taxes comes with a rules-based system which is totally flexible to fit your needs. You can create discount codes to share with your customers and orders are followed by an automatic confirmation email. 

As before, DPG’s sales features are included in all of our paid plans and we don’t put any selling limits on your account - you can sell as many products as you want and the profits are all yours (Stripe and PayPal account fees may apply). 

If you want to try Dedicated Shop, you can follow the step-by-step guide to get started now. We think you'll love it.

But now we want to hear what you think.

It’s essential that a shop website works flawlessly and we want to get it right. That’s why this template is currently in Early Release. While it's been heavily tested, we've decided to release this template to all users a little earlier than usual because we want to make sure that we take your suggestions on board before we call it done. 

Read more about Early Release and how to get in touch with feature requests or any other feedback you might have. 

You can see live demos of Dedicated Shop sites here. We can't wait to see what you come up with now it's in your hands.

Drop us an email if we can help with anything and happy selling!